Saturday, 19 May 2018

Reproducing character designs in MOHO.

I'm considering doing a new animation project in Moho, it's been a while and I'll be re-learning yet again the whole process.
The animation will illustrate an old pop song (yet again), and I've had it on my mind for a few years actually. To that end I doodled around to get some character designs up, and have chosen to do all my concept art in MyPaint. I choose this program based on it's simplicity, it may lack certain tools but it is also easy to navigate and work in. I wanted to use Krita but I'd be expending a lot of time learning that program when I just need to pump out artwork and story boards.

Here are some of the latest character designs.

I took one of these images into Moho to re-create with vectors. I want to keep this entire thing bound within a tight color palette, and Moho has the capacity to let you import your own custom swatches,  so I created 2 swatches based on old illustration I found online.

Below is the recreated design, reproduced with the two different color treatments. The color swatches allow you to easily eye-drop color and quickly alter the vector art.

It remains to be seen whether I continue with this project, these things take a lot of time and there's no pay-off, I can't even put them on YouTube for copyright reasons due to my persistence of using old songs, but they are the only things that inspire visual ideas in my head.