Saturday, 26 May 2018

Heavypoly workflow for Blender

It's a schizophrenic time for me and Blender at the moment, with Speedflow up-dates and the new 2.8 version in the works, I probably shouldn't look into this alternative workflow tutorial by Heavypoly.

If you go to the video on his channel, you are given the links to a bunch of config scripts and a startup file to install into a current daily build version of Blender. This is his own unique layout, pie menu tools and other nifty things to get even the newest Blender user up to speed. I'm new to Blender myself so I'm interested in trialing this cool work-flow to see if it fits.

I'm only a little into the tutorial as of this writing, but so far it's been nice. His teaching style is very clear and the pie menus, tools and layout make Blender feel like a new software.