Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Milos, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lovely piece of motion graphics to illustrate the classical guitarist Milos's version of the Beatles song, designed and animated by Mark Warner. He is one of those rare designers who use Lightwave to cover all his 3D needs in conjunction with After Effects. As a user myself I can attest that it's easy import back and forth with After Effects is very nice to work with.

Old U.P.A. cartoons still have an edge worth noting.

We are mostly familiar with the more popular Disney and Warner Brothers animation shorts, or Max Fleischer's Popeye, however I found these U.P.A.(United Productions of America) cartoons have a unique look that sets them apart. I would say their style is more design orientated, many parts of them cross over into graphic design, with limited color palettes and simple backgrounds.

Ballet-Oop (1954) by iadb

Christopher Crumpet's Playmate (1955) by iadb

The inventive use of limited animation is really wonderful even if the scripts are not fantastic and is probably why they are less well known.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Motion Graphics used for Education

Kurz gesadt means "In a nut shell" or something like that in German, and it's the name of a YouTube channel that attempts to explain complex things in a friendly and cute format. Hence we get these nice examples of explainers that aren't trying to sell us anything besides knowledge.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

The beauty of motion in the real world

If you're had enough of controversy, politics and debate, point your eyes at this and contemplate the natural beauty of physics and human ingenuity.


This is a very niche use of technology to combine motion capture, CG texture capture and tracking data together in one piece of kit.