Monday, 25 January 2016

Using MyPaint.

I spent a bit of time with MyPaint to work on an actual piece rather than just random doodles.There is an almost hidden function in MyPaint that allows you to sample a stroke in your artwork and the brush and color setting for that stroke propagate to your current brush.

 This means I don't have to cycle through brushes or keep tabs on what ones I'm using, in this instance, after realizing I was only using about three brushes, it was easy to just select them from the artwork and continue working.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

MyPaint 1.2.0 upgrade.

Looks like this is my first post for the year, I didn't blog for quite some time for various reasons. I'm going to be doing a video review of the free painting app "My Paint". I've been playing around with it lately since it was recently updated with a more sophisticated set of features and user interface.

There's something about this program that feels comfortable to me, and I'd like to explain some of this in depth once I have more experience using it. Projects like MyPaint deserve recognition as an alternative to paid software, allowing anyone an avenue into digital illustration.

MyPaint can be downloaded here.