Motion Works

This space holds some of my non commercial experiments in motion design.

This Machine Thinks_Goto80 from djwaterman on Vimeo.
An experiment with box making in After Effects using solids set to a Chip Music soundtrack by Goto80

A kinetic interpretation of the Elvis tune Spinout, testing different looks

An exploration into title design in the form of a kinetic typography. The subject is film.

Re-imagined titles to 'A Brief History of Time', keeping the original credit list and soundtrack as a base to work from.

The idea here was to design a 6 second title reveal based on a word, I call them Blip Motions. The word was 'Pandora'.

designer objects series 01 from djwaterman on Vimeo.

Design Icons Series 02-The Meteor Mic by SAMSON from djwaterman on Vimeo.
Series 1 and 2 of my designer object tribute video series.