Saturday, 13 April 2013

Philip Watts - Editor - Animator - Filmmaker

This is wonderful, low tech, high tech, don't really know what category it sits in, perhaps awesome will do. A little film called 'Bless You'

I haven't contacted Philip Watts to ask him if he'd like to tell me anything about the video (I normally do) but I really just wanted to get it posted immediately.

Here is what he had to say about it in the comments taken from Vimeo.

"I worked with photos that I had taken from the tallest building in Melbourne. Using After Effects I cut everything up into layers - foreground, middle ground, background, etc and used a camera to do subtle moves and add the focus effects. The characters were animated mostly using the puppet tool in After Effects, but I also used replacement body parts. In most of the shots I animated the traffic and people as well. Most of the pyrotechnics are from VideoCopilot's collections.
It took about three months, but spread out over a longer period because of my day job. (My real job is a TV editor.) I think someone more professional could have done it a lot quicker than that, but I am still learning. Also, I had many false starts with the design of the Architect character."