Friday, 12 April 2013

MESHUGGAH - I Am Colossus

This is brilliant. CG artist Magnus Jonsson of Filterfilms single-handedly pulled off this amazing video for Meshugger's 'I Am Colossus', achieving a handmade stop-motion aesthetic mostly in camera with hardly any post work using the 3D app Lightwave.

Mr Jonsson kindly let me post the video and provided a little insight into his method.

 In his own words;

 "Shortly after getting some conceptual ideas from the band and producer, I realized this should be an animated video. I wanted something dark, dreamlike and presented in black and white. I also wanted something the viewers could stop and think about, make it interesting for both the mind as well as the eyes. I then had to find technical solutions that would be workable with only 1 person doing it all, and this visual style worked great for that. Almost all the shots could be solved in camera without the need for extensive post work. When it comes to editing my primary goal was to merge the visuals with the song as much as possible. Keep even somewhat longer clips beating to the same pulse as the music with a sense of tension."

Pretty sure he succeeded with that. Watch in HD.