Sunday, 3 February 2013

24 frames per second

Stu Maschwitz talking sense on frame rates.
 Let me first state some things about myself in regards to film, I'm not interested in 3D or surround sound or higher frame projection rates, none of those things help me get into the story.

 When I went to my first Sensurround movie and the seat started shaking, I was distracted by my shaking seat, when I watched SEVEN and I heard a loud gunshot from behind me, I was thinking about the back of the theater and momentarily taken away from a great movie. When I watched Avatar, Avengers and Prometheus in 3D, I had to mentally decide what to focus my eyes on in almost every shot, something the film should have been doing for me.

 There were some moments in Prometheus when the 3D was working for me, it was the few moments where they held back on the 3D depth, so much so that in those moments I could remove my glasses and the screen looked totally normal, so in a sense the only time it worked for me was when it was effectively null. So understand that I may just be stuck in the past, but I know I'm not alone. Check out this interview with Stu Maschwitz on the subject of frame rates, I agree with everything he says.