Friday, 26 August 2016

Progress update

Here's how this ended up looking in the final animation, each character had to have some amount of rigging applied, not much but it still took some time doing.

I changed the lady on the end because she wasn't funny looking enough. I was able to duplicate the blotchy ink line look of the original drawing pretty good in Anime Studio. There's also the option of importing rasterized art into AS and doing it that way, but for some reason I prefer to work with vectors.

Here's a detail of showing the sort of blotting paper effect I get with a combination of the brushes in Anime Studio and some extra post processing in After Effects.

I duplicate the layer in After Effects so that it is sitting above the original, apply a fast blur effect and use the darken transfer mode, this gives the soft blending look on top of the original. It definitely doesn't look like vector art at first glance.