Friday, 16 January 2015

Getting used to the Surface Pro 3

I recently aquired a Surface Pro 3 i7, specifically to allow me to illustrate directly on the screen rather than on a Bamboo tablet, which you'll appreciate operates separate to the screen. However I'm determined to get get better with both devices as there are times that I'll want the bigger screen of a PC.

I really like the Surface, I took it out today and did a bunch of doodeling in Cafe's and shopping center sit down areas. I enjoyed the experience of working digitally in open and public environments, it energized me in a way that is different to working at a desk.

 I was trying to get used to the slippery smooth glass screen when using the pen, so I concentrated on simple lines and strokes. Each illustration was unplanned, simply based around the first stroke put down and growing out of that. I'm still finding myself, trying to work out what sort of illustrator I'm going to be, and the Surface is like a magic sketchbook. Here are some of the better doodles I turned out today.

I'm also falling in love with the brush sets of the artist Kyle T Webster, I purchased pretty much all of them and it's such a joy to go through the list, select a brush and see what it brings to the work. I recommend them highly to anyone working in Photoshop.