Friday, 3 January 2014

Tarantino vs Lynch on Film vs Digital

Two modern masters of cinema, and two views on the biggest change to cinema  in my lifetime. First the entertaining, deeply held, glib sounding but fully considered views of Quentin Tarantino.

Next a deeply enigmatic yet compelling view from David Lynch.

I agree with both artists, but Lynch is the innovator here with Tarantino as the traditionalist. Technology has always been the main driver of culture, but that doesn't mean we must drop everything old for the new. We are at that interesting stage of the process where we're seeing a lot of mistakes being made with the new technology, some of those mistakes will actually stick and become the new standard. Lynch's 'Lighter, smaller, less crew' pragmatism can't really be argued with, yet Tarantino's 'illusion of movement' is still the very core of the cinematic experience. Currently both these two ideas can work together but with less considered minds at the helm of the digital vanguard we could easily lose the latter. By that I'm talking about the revolutionary aspect of this technology, the fact that more people can get their hands on it, spend less time learning it, and pump out product in large enough volumes to swamp the culture and become the new normal. We need to watch that.