Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Look development, 12 FPS and work-flow.

I've been designing a small animation project so as to learn more Anime Studio pro. This means drawing in my notebook and developing characters and ideas to bring into the animation, which is something I haven't done much of lately (drawing on actual paper). I've managed to build one of the background characters and animate him into a very economical looping animation that I could take into After Effects for some look development.

I used a 12 frame per second frame rate to un-smooth the motion and give it the kinetic feel of cheaper animation. The process of throwing it into After Effects has the added benefit of generating other ideas of where I might take this. I want to see if I can get another character up in the next few days, the process takes more time than it probably should because every step is a learning exercise at this stage. I should imagine things get much, much faster when higher competency is achieved.