Saturday, 21 September 2013

Anime Studio Pro 9.5 - My first test.

As promised, here is the first thing I've been able to turn out using this neat program. Firstly I'm impressed that I could pretty closely duplicate my Photoshop concept design inside of Anime Studio Pro, then I was even more excited to get some sort of understanding for using smart bones to drive vectors, in this case for opening and closing the mouth.

It took me a fair bit of trial and error to get that smart bone to work, understanding it better now I think. The latest upgrade to this program puts it at a nice stage where it's still fairly simple and not overly cluttered with stuff you might never use, even with all the new features.

Those new feature? Well I glad I'm learning this program now and not in an older version. Smart bones and nested compositions will really allow animators to get more ambitious with what they can get done on this app.

The developers appear to be very responsive to their user base judging by the forums, I'm looking forward to what they turn out in future versions.