Thursday, 7 March 2013

Monovich. Above the Clouds.

There's a pretty strong cool factor in doing motion graphics at 30 thousand feet. The artist known as Monovich did exactly that on a return trip from New York. This is not news, it happened a few years back but I'll never let currency stand in the way of exposing good work, so here is the result of a little experiment done while on that flight. He shot the footage, put it through his laptop and played with expressions. No actual key frames were harmed in the making of this video.

The pointy things were made with the "Beam" effect, the magnified spots use "Magnify".

" I shot some clouds and tried to learn some expressions stuff in After Effects before my battery died. No key frames (except for the trackers), but lots of random expressions. Radium Audio was kind enough to compose some original sound for the experiment..." Stephen Fitzgerald a.k.a. Monovich

This marks the second time Radium Audio has been mentioned in Just Add Motion, it would take skill to put sound to this, it actually feels like the sound is generating the moves which is not the case.